What is Boomtown?
Be Prepared. Boomtown isn’t your your typical small-town-USA fireworks display. Its an Earth-shaking pyrotechnic experience you will not soon forget. If blinding ground effects and feel-the-heat-on-your-face fireballs aren’t enough, wait until the aerial bombs greet you with a heart-pounding aftershock.

And don’t be late. The best seats in the house are in the grandstands at the fairgrounds, but parking and seating fills up quickly. Come to town early for Boom-fest in downtown Vinton and then head to the fairgrounds for the main event.

Boomtown History
The annual meeting of the IPA had been held on private property, but due to growth in membership they decided it would be best to hold the event somewhere else. The IPA contacted Vinton Unlimited in 2007 about incorporating a community event in conjunction with their meeting. After much discussion and planning, Boomtown was born. The public planning for Boomtown is managed by an all-volunteer committee, with the pyrotechnic expertise of the IPA coordinating the fireworks displays. Visitors have been welcomed from all over the Midwest and as far away as Arizona and Massachusetts.

The Committee
The event is organized in partnership with the IPA and a committee. If you are interested in helping, volunteers can email the committee at [email protected]