Saturday, August 24, 2019

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Note: Schedule will be updated as plans progress. This schedule is subject to change as needed. Please look for updates on Facebook the day of Boomtown.

9am-2pm: Boom-fest in downtown Vinton. More information at:

4pm: Gates open at the fairgrounds. Parking at the fairgrounds is $10 per vehicle. Grandstand admission is $10 per person, all ages.

7:30 (approx): Opening ceremonies with presentation of colors and National Anthem.

Following the opening ceremonies:

Member Showcase: Hand-built shells by IPA members. Listen for announcements about the type of shell being fired and who created it.

Junior pyro show: Choreographed and lit by youth 18 and under as they learn the safety precautions and skills to master the art of pyrotechnics.

Intermission (approximately 15-30 minutes): Safety is number one. Please be patient while the final safety and security checks are completed.

Approx. 9:30pm: Grand Public Display. What we’ve all been waiting for!